India Rail Info Privacy Policy

Sharing of User Data

India Rail Info does NOT have ANY Commercial OR Non-Commercial Relationship with ANY third-party organization to sell ANY user data, either directly or indirectly through APIs. ANY information which is not ALREADY available publicly through the website is NOT AVAILABLE TO ANYONE ELSE. To emphasize the point,
NO Third-Party Commercial/Non-Commercial or Govt. Entity has access to ANY information NOT already available PUBLICLY through the IRI website.

EMail and FaceBook Login

India Rail Info users are able to login directly using their EMail or Facebook credentials. ONLY the EMail and Facebook ID are pseudonymized and stored internally for user authentication purposes, and to send Emails to the concerned user for activation of their account and for resetting their password. IRI does NOT send ANY unsolicited or marketing Emails to ANY user. IRI neither solicits NOR stores ANY other personal information about ANY user.


IRI is a cookie-based website. Cookies are used to maintain User Login sessions and for Google Analytics/Adsense.

Search Engine indexing

All PUBLIC Info, including public Blog Posts and Trip Diary, on the IRI website is available to ANY Search Engine for indexing. Group and Pvt Blog Posts can be seen ONLY by Logged-in users with the appropriate Credentials. Group and Pvt. Blog Posts are NOT considered Public Info and CANNOT be seen or indexed by any Search Engine.


PNRs input by users are used to display their ticket status. The FULL PNR Number is visible to all, but the member posting the PNR remains anonymous. Our members/PNR Monitors periodically input the posted PNR Numbers into the Railway Govt. websites to manually fetch the latest status, and feed the same into IRI. All PNRs are available for viewing and searching by others, for Analysis and Prediction purposes. However, individual PNRs cannot be linked to or identified with any particular member of IRI, unless the member himself/herself chooses to disclose the same through a Blog Post.

Quitting IRI

India Rail Info is a PUBLIC information website, like Wikipedia, NOT a private information site like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Members post blogs, upload pics, update Train Info of their OWN FREE WILL. On its part, the site commits to preserve the same indefinitely. The Blog Posts, Info Updates, Picture uploads, etc. automatically belong to the PUBLIC domain. Members who post Blogs, uploaded Pictures, add/update Train Info are given DUE CREDIT in their Member Profiles. However, once posted/uploaded/updated, info in the website MAY NOT be deleted. Any Monitor abusing site privileges to delete his own prior pictures will be in violation of this, and will be forcibly evicted from the site. When a member quits IRI, his/her Blog Posts and other site history are ANONYMIZED (NOT deleted). The member's name will NOT appear alongside any of their blog posts. Also, that member's profile will NO LONGER be available for viewing. Their EMail/User credentials are moved to an Archived Storage, and are not a part of the Active System. In many cases, former members wish to return to IRI, and express this intent through other members. In such cases, their credentials are retrieved from the Archive - the process takes a few days.

RailCal Audio upload

RailCal has a feature whereby you are able to Record Audio and upload it to the Forum. All uploaded Audio is publicly available. As such, this feature is ONLY to be used to upload public Train & Station sounds, for the enjoyment of RailCal users and visitors to Please do NOT upload private confidential audio on RailCal.